Braces for Kids Upper West Sides

At W Orthodontics, your local White Plains orthodontic practice, Dr. Washington, in agreement with the American Association of Orthodontists, recommends that children have their first orthodontic screening around age seven. This will allow us to recognize potential problems early on and correct them before they become serious orthodontic issues.

Phase I or Interceptive treatment- Interceptive orthodontic treatment is where we identify any potential problems and intercept them before they manifest and cause serious problems. The goals of early treatment are to give your child the best chance in life by crafting them a beautiful smile, some of the other goals are:

  1. To create room for crowded, erupting teeth.
  2. To create facial symmetry by influencing proper jaw growth.
  3. To reduce the risk of trauma caused by protruding front teeth.
  4. To reduce bullying and social anxiety caused by mal-aligned teeth
  5. To reduce the need for tooth extraction.
  6. To reduce the time needed for braces dramatically

What to expect with Early Orthodontic Treatment

First, we will schedule your child for an initial consultation. During this consultation we will determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed such as crowding, open bite, overbite, underbite or a gummy smile. It is possible that treatment may not be needed at that time, or at all. Should we determine that treatment is necessary, we will create a detailed treatment plan for your child that will produce the best possible individual results.

Contact Us Today To Evaluate Your Child’s Orthodontic Health

If your child is starting to lose his or her baby teeth and grow adult teeth, contact us to begin early orthodontic treatment. Our team at W Orthodontics is available to answer any questions and schedule your child for a complimentary initial consultation. We look forward to meeting both you and your child soon!