pretty girl take a self portrait with her smart phoneWhat if you could have straighter, whiter teeth in less time, for less cost and with less discomfort than traditional braces? You can with Invisalign®!

Invisalign® is a metal-free, almost invisible aligning system that straightens teeth quickly and efficiently without metal braces, significantly reducing the negative impact on your smile. The Invisalign® treatment consists of a series of removable custom aligning trays that we replace every few weeks as the teeth gently move into their new positions. Invisalign® trays can be temporarily removed for important occasions, giving the patient both freedom and convenience during treatment.

Invisalign® is used to correct the same dental problems addressed by traditional metal braces with the added advantages of being almost invisible to the naked eye and easily removable. Here is a list of some problems commonly corrected with Invisalign®:

  • Overcrowding – Too many teeth in too small of a space keeps them from aligning correctly, causing higher levels of tooth decay and a greater likelihood of gum disease.
  • Gaps – Too few teeth in too large of a space, often the result of missing teeth or abnormal jaw growth.
  • Crossbite – When one or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, causing uneven wear that leads to bone erosion and gum disease.
  • Overbite – Overbites occur when the upper teeth project out over the lower teeth, possibly leading to jaw pain and TMJ.
  • Underbite – An underbite is the inverse of an overbite; the lower teeth project out past the upper teeth, possibly leading to jaw pain and TMJ.

What advantages does Invisalign® offer over traditional braces?

While both techniques are useful under different circumstances for perfecting teeth alignment, Invisalign® has a number of unique advantages over traditional dental braces:

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® trays are nearly invisible and fully removable. This makes them significantly better for the aesthetic appearance of your smile during treatment. Used correctly, Invisalign® can achieve results almost identical to those obtained by using traditional braces.

What’s the procedure for the Invisalign® treatment?

Initially, we will take pictures and imprints of your teeth. These images are uploaded to a computer where we can move your teeth around and view the jaw from different angles. Through this process Dr. Washington will devise an initial treatment plan. From this plan a unique set of alignment trays are custom crafted for your teeth.

Many patients have reported great satisfaction with both the advantages of the Invisalign® treatment system and the stunning results they achieve.

Invisalign®, known for being both comfortable and effective, has revolutionized orthodontics.