Portrait of a funny coupleMission Statement: Here at W Orthodontics we believe that “It All Starts With a Smile” and we strive to deliver the “Orthodontic Experience” to all of our patients. We provide the highest level of orthodontic care in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Appointment Policies — We understand that your time is very valuable and we strive to see all of our patients on time. We also need your cooperation to ensure we can stay on schedule. Your scheduled appointment time has been reserved specifically for you, and we very much appreciate you coming on time for your appointments.

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule an appointment

Broken Appliance Policy — For the office schedule to continue to run on time please inform us of any broken appliances at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, that way we can reserve the appropriate amount of time for your appointment. Please call our office if any orthodontic appliances become damaged or broken. We will do our best to accommodate all emergencies.

Emergency Policy — Any trauma that occurs to your teeth (such as a tooth being hit by a ball or object) should be reported to your general dentist. Your general dentist will then coordinate with us.

Dental Care Policy — It is very important to still visit your general dentist every 6 months while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Cooperation Policy — We must work together to create your award winning smile. We request that you help us by:

  • Caring for the appliances as instructed; broken or distorted appliances add to treatment time.
  • Wearing supplemental appliances as instructed (rubber bands, etc).
  • Keeping appointments as scheduled; broken appointments interrupt treatment progress.
  • Reporting broken, distorted or lost appliances promptly.
  • Avoiding foods and eating habits that may break or distort the appliances.
  • Brushing thoroughly after each meal.

Orthodontics is a team effort and you must do your part!